The Financial Physical Podcast

Saving for College Education

Paying for college is often one of the largest expenses we see for clients with children. Making sure to have a plan and starting early can really help you be prepared for covering this expense. Join John and Andrew as they discuss education expenses, saving strategies and coming up with a plan to cover the future expense! Read Full Show Notes →

The Basics on Legal Documents - Part 2

Join Kay and Andrew for our second part of the podcast series on Legal Documents. This episode focuses on estate planning techniques using trusts. Some of the questions that are answered include: Why would I need a trust? What is the right trust for me? Do trusts avoid tax? What is the difference between a revocable trust and an irrevocable trust? Read Full Show Notes →

The Basics on Legal Documents

Kay and Andrew discuss the basics of estate planning and which legal documents everyone should consider having prepared. Read Full Show Notes →

What Is Financial Planning?

John and Kay explain what financial planning means, and how the advisors at QSF work with clients to build their personalized financial roadmap. Read Full Show Notes →

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?

How much money should I be saving? At what age should I start saving? John and Andrew cover the basics of saving for retirement. Read Full Show Notes →

The History of Quinn Stauffer Financial

Kay, John and Andrew recount the history of Quinn Stauffer Financial, from its founding in 2002 as Kay Quinn Financial to now! Read Full Show Notes →